What To Expect Of A Dentist

Many people are afraid of the dentist but it is a very interesting profession. A dentist is a highly trained medical professional that can treat several different oral conditions and help a person with issues regarding their teeth and oral health.

The dentist is responsible for treating and preventing oral issues. They can also diagnose these issues and fill cavities and perform other oral operations. The dentist will focus on the teeth, the gums, and the mouth as a whole. Some dentist will even look at the jaw and help a person that may be suffering from diseases affecting the jaw bone.


Becoming a dentist is a long process and only a dedicated individual will be able to complete dental school. A dentist must complete their bachelors, masters, and a medical degree in the field of dentistry. After they have completed the training the dentist will need to take a state licensing tests. The dental program that they graduated from must be accredited. There is a written portion to this exam as well as a clinical portion where a dental candidate will need to perform a dental procedure. They will need to show their knowledge as well as practical skills.

The workload of a Dentist

There are many things that a dentist must do to make sure the teeth and the gums of their patients are healthy. If a patient has oral care issues it can harm the rest of their health. A dentist will need to check the teeth for decay. If they see signs of decay on the teeth they must remove it. They will also check the teeth for cavities and fill any cavities that they find to keep them from getting worse. If a tooth is beyond repair the dentist needs to remove it while keeping the patient comfortable and free of pain. A dentist will also repair teeth that have been cracked or fractured. The dentist(tannlege kristiansand) can prescribe medication and antibiotics to people that had a procedure to reduce the pain and keep infections away. The dentist will also need to perform checkups so that a person can have good oral health. If a person needs dentures the dentist will need to take models and measurements of the jaw so that the dentures will fit properly. The dentist will also perform other medical procedures to keep the teeth and the mouth healthy.

Educational Requirements

The dentist needs to have specific requirements. They need to take courses in biology, chemistry, and other science-related fields and show their knowledge before they can enter dental school. To be admitted to dental school a student needs to take the Dental Admissions Test and have a higher grade point average. They will then need to study oral health and work under the supervision of a certified dentist. They will then be ready to take the dental exam.

These are some things that the dentist is responsible for. A dentist needs to keep the entire mouth safe and are highly trained medical professionals.